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Chasing Flavor

Any minute now my postman is going to arrive with my new Stovetop Smoker. I’ve been getting ready for it’s arrival; I have been brining a half chicken since yesterday, I have some St. Louis Ribs that have been dry … Continue reading

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Eating; the Movie

In 1990 Henry Jaglom made a movie called Eating: A Very Serious Comedy About Women and Food. I saw the movie when it was released twenty three years ago, and as a result of writing this blog it’s been on … Continue reading

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Save Hundreds of Dollars and the Planet!

I love water! Iced Tea, and water are my two favorite beverages. When I was growing up, we never had milk with meals, we drank water, only my brother drank milk, the rest if us didn’t really like it. We … Continue reading

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Breakfast for Dinner

When we were kids every once in a while we would have breakfast for dinner. It was upside down, it was a break from the norm, it was exciting, and it was fun! My daughter loves breakfast for dinner, as … Continue reading

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Independence Day Pie

It seems like the two times of year Americans love to eat, make and talk about pie (well maybe that last is just me) are Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July. In the Fall we want seasonal pies like apple, … Continue reading

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What Anyone Might Do After All This Rain

So yesterday was Tuesday, and another rainy day here in Philly. It has rained so much, my coleus have doubled in size, but my verbena is simply drowning, and I’m not sure it’s going to make it. It’s raining so … Continue reading

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Perfect Marriage

Though I have yet to solve the code to finding the right partner, I have found many perfect marriages- of flavor. One of the things I enjoy most about cooking is putting complementary favors together so that each enhances the … Continue reading

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