Corn on the Cob- guaranteed the best way!

Corn, shucked- as many ears as you’d like, I always make extra because I use the leftover corn* for all kinds of things.
Large pot of boiling, salted water
When water comes to a boil, turn off heat, add 1TBL of milk (any type of milk works, as long at it is full lactose milk, the lactose (milk sugar)in the milk will make the corn taste even sweeter)
Add the corn to the water and let sit until you are ready to eat.
This method prevents the corn from over-cooking and holds it hot for quite a while

Buying corn- When I lived in upstate NY a farmer told me this about buying corn, and I have stuck to it faithfully:
Only buy corn on the day you plan to consume it, and of course farm fresh is best.
DO NOT peel back the husk to check the corn! Once you expose the corn to the air the sugars start converting to starch, reducing the natural sweet flavor. If you want to make sure the cob is full, you can feel it through the husk- I have been doing this for years, and rarely get a bad ear.
Shuck the corn as close to cooking as possible.

*I remove the corn from the cob with a cool utensil called a corn zipper from Khun Rikon

Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper.

Corn scrambled eggs are great- try pan roasting the corn until it caramelizes, before adding the eggs
They are great in pancakes
Make a salad with corn, halved grape tomatoes, scallions, a bit of mayo and salt and pepper


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